He Stopped Calling After We Slept Together! Why This Happens

He stopped calling after we slept together,” said the woman filled with confusion. Unfortunately, right now that woman is you, isn’t it? The man you’re crazy about has completely dropped off the face of the earth since you two had sex. It’s hard not to take that personally, isn’t it? If you’re like most women in that situation you first think he must just be busy. After a week or so you really begin to wonder what you did wrong. You replay the intimacy in your mind and you try to pinpoint what could have happened to cause him to pull back this abruptly. In some ways you even feel a little used. After all, it was obvious that he was just as interested in being intimate with you as you were with him. How exactly did this happen to you? Once you understand how some men view intimacy you’ll have a much better grasp on what’s happening in your relationship.

If he stopped calling after you slept together don’t automatically assume that the intimacy wasn’t appealing to him. That’s rarely ever the case for a man to pull back after sex. You didn’t do something he found unappealing and you weren’t lacking. It’s not as simple as that. The sad fact is that even if a man pursues a woman with the intention of sleeping with her, once she does, he may pull back because of his skewed belief system. Essentially some men will stop calling because they feel you slept with them too soon. As unthinkable as this seems it’s the sad truth.

There are a lot of emotions, including uncontrollable desire, at work when a couple first starts getting to know each other. He wanted you and he probably made that abundantly clear through his words and his actions. He found you desirable and you felt the same way about him. Intimacy happened because it was something you both really wanted. But now, he sees the urgency as a character flaw on your part.

What some men do after intimacy is they come to the realization that you two slept together fairly early in your blossoming relationship. Instead of viewing that strictly as a sign of how much you want him, he’ll instead think about all the other men you’ve ever dated. Suddenly, you take on this persona in his mind of a woman who hops into bed on the first or second date with every man she’s ever dated. The sad fact is that most men can’t fathom the thought of the woman they’re close to with another man. If he jumps to the incorrect conclusion that you share yourself too easily, his interest will quickly fade away.

It’s a horrible situation for any woman to be in. After all, it wasn’t as though you single-handedly seduced him into bed with you, is it? He played an active role before and during the intimacy. As unfair as this is, it’s something that does happen often to women. His interest was sadly caught up in his incorrect assumptions about you.

When a woman sleeps with a man too soon it can impact the future of the relationship forever. If you’ve done anything that has caused your man to pull back, there is a way for you to get his interest back now.

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