Can I Make My Boyfriend Love Me Again? Learn One Smart Way to Make it Happen

You’ve been feeling a bit lost since your boyfriend and you broke up, haven’t you? Many women in your position actually feel as though their entire life has been turned upside down. They struggle to get themselves out of bed in the morning and getting to work and accomplishing anything feels like a chore. The question you’re asking the most right now is, “can I make my boyfriend love me again?” You desperately want the answer to be positive but you’re concerned. The state of the relationship now makes it almost impossible for you to believe that you’ll be able to get him to fall madly in love with you again. It can happen. If you’re determined and you’ve got the insight that is required, you can make him not only love you again, but want you more than ever. It all hinges on understanding one main principle about the dynamic of breaks up and then using that to your advantage.

If you want the answer to the question of, can I make my boyfriend love me again, to be “yes” start by letting the man see your inner strength. You’re a big pile of mushy emotions right now, aren’t you? You think nothing of crying when you’re talking on the phone with him or weeping as you two sit through a cup of coffee at the local cafe. All he thinks of when he sees you is how much you cry and how you can’t quite get a handle on your emotions. As much as you may think that’s romantic, he doesn’t. Men don’t like being confronted by emotional women constantly. It makes them pull back and they also assume it’s a sign of immaturity. You have to get control over what you’re feeling or at the very least, over the way you’re presenting those feelings to him.

Once you feel you’ve reined in your emotions you can focus on the smart way to get him to want you again. Ignore him! That’s right. Don’t chase after him another second. Instead of calling him several times a day to see if he wants to talk about the relationship, delete his number from your cell. If you used to wait outside his apartment so you could accidentally bump into him on purpose, stay on the other side of town. Do whatever it takes to stop contacting the man you love. Yes, of course it’s hard, but in the big scheme of things, it works and it works very well.

Think about your boyfriend and when you two used to be together. If you ignored him or paid him less attention for a time, what typically happened? He most likely worked harder to get you to notice him more, yes? Men hate it when a woman stops gushing over them. Once they know that a woman is really losing interest it stings their ego. It hardly matters whether the woman is a current or ex girlfriend. If she’s slipping away for good, he’s going to want to at least try and get her to want him again. Try it for yourself. You’ll be surprised by the impact it has on him.

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