Your Boyfriend Says He’s Not Ready for a Relationship Right Now! How to Change His Mind

Your boyfriend says he’s not ready for a relationship right now. That’s not the best news considering you’re more than ready for a relationship with him. He’s the man of your dreams and you feel as though you’ve waited your entire life to be with him. Now, you’re confronted with the reality that he’s unsure or not committed to you at all. Obviously this hurts. It not only stings your ego but it breaks your heart. It also makes you feel very uncertain about what your future holds. What’s the best thing for you to do? Should you accept that he’s not certain you’re the woman for him and move on or do you work on showing him that he’ll never find another woman like you? If you consider the fact that love doesn’t come into your life everyday and you were incredibly fortunate to find him, it’s obvious that you have to do whatever it takes to show him that a relationship with you is exactly what he needs and wants.

If your boyfriend says he’s not ready for a relationship don’t allow your emotions to rule your actions. Obviously that’s much easier said than done but it’s a crucial piece of advice that you’d do well to follow. Men are very uncomfortable when confronted with emotional women. They tend not to do well if the woman they’re involved with has a moment where she loses control of what she’s feeling and that manifests itself in the form of tears or anger. Try to stay calm when you’re dealing with this situation. It will serve you well.

You’d also fare much better if you didn’t go on and on about how he’s missing out on a great thing. Trying to convince your boyfriend that he should want a relationship with you isn’t going to do much good. He’ll tune you out before too long. You have to show him that you’re the woman for him and you can do that by being mature and self confident. Any woman who begs a man to want her or to be with her is hurting her own image. He’ll view that as a sign of desperation and that’s in no way appealing to a man at all.

What will help you get him to want you more is if you want him less. Right now he knows that you’re probably content with waiting endlessly for him to come back around and change his mind. Although your words may be saying otherwise, your actions aren’t. You are still just as devoted to him as you’ve always been and he’s well aware of that. If you change that, even slightly, he’ll notice immediately. By being a little less available or slightly distant, your demeanor will suggest that something has shifted for you. The second a man starts to think that he may be really losing a woman, even a woman he’s already pulled away from, he’ll work harder to gain her interest back again. It’s a small trick that can completely alter the future for you and your man.

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