Why Won’t He Say “I Love You” in Return?

You and your guy are happy. At least in your mind you are. You love him and you believed he loved you. The problem is that he doesn’t express it verbally to you. You’ve told him that you’re crazy about him and that you adore and need him. He, on the other hand, never expresses anything even close to that. You’re wondering why he won’t say “I love you” in return. Does it mean that he’s not as emotionally attached to you as you are to him? Or could it possibly be a sign that he just isn’t that into you at all and only views you as a casual girlfriend? Understanding why men hold back when it comes to sharing their feelings is important. Once you can recognize why your guy hasn’t said the words, you can then start helping him feel more comfortable about being more expressive with his emotions.

There are several common reasons why men struggle with saying “I love you” to the woman they’re involved with. The first is the most difficult to absorb. He may not be telling you he loves you in return because it’s not something that he feels yet. Men and women tend to fall in love at different speeds. We often are smitten very quickly and feel our hearts opening up to the idea of love after just a few dates. Men, on the other hand, tend to take their time in trusting in love and in the woman in question. If you say it before he’s ready to return the sentiment, he just won’t do so. He’ll instead smile or change the subject leaving you feeling rejected and embarrassed.

Another reason he may not feel comfortable sharing what he feels is he doesn’t want to make himself too vulnerable. Just as it breaks our hearts when a relationship ends, the same is true for men. He may be worried that if he tells you he loves you that it will open his heart to even more pain should something go wrong between the two of you. He may want to keep his emotional power and not saying he loves you may be his way of doing so.

There is an expectation that comes when a man tells a woman that he’s in love with her. If your man was to say it to you it’s a strong signal that the two of you are now a couple and will only be dating exclusively. Even if he’s starting to fall in love with you, he may avoid saying the words simply because he’s still not ready for a serious commitment. Even if his actions suggest he only wants you, his heart may not feel that quite yet.

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