Why Is My Ex Boyfriend Being a Jerk? Insight Into Why He’s Acting This Way

Why is my ex boyfriend being a jerk? You’ve wondered about this haven’t you? Since the break up it’s almost as if your boyfriend has transformed into this rude and mean spirited man. You barely recognize his behavior. Obviously the break up was challenging for you both but you find it hard to imagine why he’s taken to treating you in such a disrespectful and mean manner. It’s especially hard for you since part of you still very much loves him and misses him. But you can’t continue to reach out to someone who seems intent on causing you emotional pain. Moving past this has to begin with a deeper level of understanding. If you want to get your ex boyfriend to stop being a jerk, you first need to identify why he’s acting this way.

Men obviously act like jerks for a variety of reasons. Some men seem to be born this way but if you and your boyfriend were able to build a loving relationship, he probably wasn’t always this rude or mean to you. For many men, they take on the persona of a jerk as a defense mechanism. If the break up was especially painful for you both, your man may have built an emotional wall around himself and in an effort to keep you from getting to close to him again, he treats you badly.

This seems like a horrible idea, doesn’t it? Treating the person you once loved in such a callous and uncaring way. In your boyfriend’s heart and mind he may not even realize that he’s doing that. It may be incredibly painful for him each and every time he sees you or talks to you. He may envision the future that will never be and that’s so difficult for him that he lashes out at you. Granted it’s not fair to you at all when he treats you that way but it’s important that you recognize that it may not be completely intentional. His emotions may be so overwhelming that they’re manifesting themselves in a very negative way.

It’s important that you don’t lose yourself in this though. If you’re still having lingering feelings for him it’s vital that you separate yourself from the rude behavior. Excuse yourself each and every time he starts rambling on about what he doesn’t like about you or how much you hurt him. If you allow him to continually treat you this way without taking a stance, he’ll grow to disrespect you and then any chance of reconciling will be gone.

Consider the idea of just not talking with him for a time. He may need an opportunity to cool down and come to grips with what he’s feeling. If you’re not there to be his verbal punching bag, he’ll start to realize just how much he does value you as a woman and as a partner. A period of time to allow him the opportunity to quiet down and get control of his feelings would be beneficial for you both.

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