Why Do Men Look at Other Women? Understanding Why Your Guy Does This

Why do men look at other women? You wish you knew the answer to this, don’t you? It’s something that you’ve wondered about since you first noticed your guy stealing glances at other attractive women. It’s impossible not to feel impacted by that. After all, he’s taking his attention away from you so he can turn in her direction and look at her. You may be reading too much into his actions though. Once a woman understands why her guy is always looking at other women, she can then gain the insight she needs to know exactly how to handle this.

The main reason why men look at other women is they can’t help themselves. That sounds like an excuse but once you understand more about how the male mind works, it makes a lot of sense. Women are much more about emotions. We can be attracted to a man just based on the fact that he’s funny or amazingly kind. For men the initial attraction they feel typically is from a physical response. Men are very visual so they often don’t even realize that they’re staring at another women all the while the woman who loves them is sitting right there.

How you handle this type of situation can either make or break your relationship. Jealousy is a common trait but it’s a very unflattering one in the eyes of a man. To us it’s the sign of a true romantic. If our guy gets mad when we’re looking at or talking to another man we’re always secretly touched by that. We take it to mean that he can’t stand the thought of us being with anyone else. When a woman reacts in much the same manner a man will label her as pathetic or petty. He’ll actually think she lacks self esteem. It’s not something you want so it’s best to not get too upset if you catch your guy looking at another woman.

What you should be doing is a little counter attack in a very sweet fashion. Make him feel that you’re completely secure by commenting on her at the same time you see him stealing a look. Make a comment about how cute her outfit is or how great that hairstyle looks on her. The pleasure you’ll get from the look on his face will be instant. He’ll be shocked that you are being so courteous and that you aren’t exploding into a jealous rage. You’ll show him that you’re so secure in yourself that no one woman can change that. If you do this enough he’ll soon stop looking at other women as often because he’ll be so focused on you.

You don’t have to live in a relationship in which you continually feel ignored and neglected. You have the power to have the love you want with your man.

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