When Should He Call After Sex? Insight into the Male Mind for Women

When should he call after sex? You’re searching for an answer to this question because right now it feels like it’s been too long, doesn’t it? You and your guy were intimate and then everything seemed to change. All those loving phone calls you had been receiving before you two slept together have stopped. He doesn’t ask you out anymore and it almost seems as though your relationship is over without the break up. Before you panic and jump to the incorrect conclusion that he’s left your life forever, you need to understand how men react after sex. Just because you have yet to hear from him doesn’t mean he’s shut you out of his life forever.

Answering the question of when should he call after sex isn’t cut and dry. Every man is different. In the case of a man who has already fallen head over heels in love with you, you can expect to hear from him almost immediately. The physical intimacy will only add to what he feels for you. He’ll become more attentive and adoring. If you’re in love with him as well, being intimate can actually take your relationship to an entirely new level.

Other men aren’t quite as exuberant after sex. If you two had just started dating and then you slept together, that can actually be a turn off for him. As much as we feel a new guy wants to sleep with us, if it happens quite early in the relationship he can actually make some strong negative associations. The reality is that most men don’t even want to entertain the idea that a woman they’re interested in has a sexual past even though they know it’s a fact. If you and he make love soon after dating, he’ll suddenly assume that’s a regular behavior pattern for you and it will kill his interest in its tracks.

Overall the general answer to the question of when should he call after sex is within a week or so. If more time than this has passed you may be dealing with a situation in which he has made some unflattering assumptions about you. If two weeks have passed and there hasn’t been a word, his interest obviously isn’t at the level you wish it would be. Take into account whether or not he’s generally got a full schedule. If he had mentioned in the past having a big project coming up at work that he needs to focus on or being otherwise preoccupied you may want to give him a little extra time to call.

When a woman makes a critical mistake in her relationship it can damage it forever. If you’ve done anything that has caused your man to pull back, there is a way for you to get his interest back now.

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