Should I Contact Him Again? What to Do When a Man is Ignoring You

Should I contact him again? You wish you didn’t have to ask this question but unfortunately you do. Perhaps you’d just started dating a new man and you thought you two were getting along well but then he just stopped calling. Maybe it’s more involved than that and the guy who isn’t calling is one you’ve been in a relationship with for weeks or months. Regardless, it’s become obvious to you that he’s ignoring you for whatever reason and it hurts. You’re truly at a loss as to what to do. Are you better off to continue trying to reach him just in case something may have happened to him or is the best thing to just give up and walk away from him? Understanding how to control this situation so you maintain your integrity while at the same time getting him interested again is really the best solution there is.

Before you make another move of any sort in relation to him you need to determine what happened that may have caused him to pull back. Men ignore women for a variety of reasons. He may have been turned off by something you said or did. One common reason men start ignoring the woman they’re involved with is she starts talking about getting serious too soon. He may also be avoiding you because you told him you loved him and he’s just not ready to deal with that. You may think that his ignoring you is an immature way of dealing with feeling overwhelmed, but it’s the only thing some men know how to do.

You may also be surprised to learn that men will stop calling simply because they want to test you. As women we think we’re privy to all the games that men play but that’s not always the case. A man can learn so much about how you feel about him based on how you react to his pulling back. If you panic and chase after him, you’ll be making it crystal clear to him that he owns your heart. On the other hand, if you don’t really react at all, the man will decide you’re not all that interested in him yet.

So what’s the bottom line? What exactly should you be doing if he’s ignoring you? This is clearly a case of following his lead. Don’t try and get him to notice you again by sending him a gift, or a heartfelt email message. Stop calling him and leaving him emotional voicemails telling him you can’t live without him. Instead, drop him from your life completely for a time. Don’t put any effort into the relationship anymore because clearly he isn’t either.

By taking this approach you’ll be showing your guy that you’re not the type who pours her heart out and sells her soul just to keep a man who mistreats her. Your integrity and pride need to win out in this instance. You’ll be pleasantly surprised when you realize that by ignoring him too you’re actually rekindling his interest. Whenever a woman stops chasing a man, he’ll start chasing her again. It’s one of the mysteries of how the male mind works.

Confused about when you should be calling your man? Calling too often, at the wrong time or before he’s ready to hear from you can turn him off.

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