Is Your Ex Boyfriend Seeing Someone Else? How to Steal Him Back From Her

Is your ex boyfriend seeing someone else? It’s very hard, isn’t it? That moment when you come to the realization that the man that you love has found someone new can be heartbreaking. You know that she can’t hold a candle to you and there’s absolutely no way that she’ll ever love him as much as you do but still you have to accept that she’s his girlfriend now and you aren’t. Common sense and most of your friends are telling you that it’s time to put the relationship in the past and find a new man to adore but your heart has a different idea. As much as you’ve heard the advice that you should let him be happy with her, you still want him for yourself. It’s understandable and it’s also possible. You can get the man back in love with you even if there’s another woman in his life right now.

If your boyfriend has started dating again don’t focus all of your energy and attention on the new woman in his life. The fact of the matter is that he’s moved on even if you haven’t. You can’t fault her for being with him because she obviously sees qualities in him that you do as well. Getting angry with her or plotting some sinister plan to sabotage their relationship won’t help you in the least. Revenge is not sweet in any sense. It will only serve to make you look childish and immature. You must accept that he cares for her and that for now, she’s a part of the picture. You can actually use her to your advantage in your quest to get him back with you.

Let your boyfriend know that you’re happy for him the next time you two talk. Don’t make a point of calling him up just to say this. That will seem much too obvious and forced. Instead, wait until you run into him or if he contacts you then you can use it as an opportunity to share your well wishes. It may feel hard to tell him that you’re okay with his new relationship but if you want to build a foundation to get him back, it’s an important step.

Most men are very open to the idea of being friends with their ex girlfriends. If you’re friendly and supportive he’ll see no reason for you two not to be friends. If his new girlfriend can feel confident that your interest is strictly platonic she won’t feel threatened by you and that will encourage him to feel even closer to you. Work on becoming his number one confidante and you’ll soon see that he’ll share more and more about their relationship with you. You’ll take on the role of being the person he can count on and once they start to hit a bump in the road of their relationship, he’ll come running to you for comfort again.

Confused about how to steal him back from his new girlfriend? Saying or doing one wrong thing can impact your future with the man you love.

Learn the step-by-step guaranteed plan to get him back now. You’ve only got one chance to win him back so make it count.

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