I Lied to My Boyfriend! How to Undo This Damage and Regain His Trust

I lied to my boyfriend.” It’s a statement you never imagined you’d hear yourself saying, is it? You love him more than you’ve ever loved anyone. Hurting him is the last thing you ever wanted to do but yet, you have to face the reality that you’ve done just that. Lying can damage a relationship forever. Depending on the severity of the lie it can take a long time for your guy to open his heart back up enough to forgive you. If you’re scared that your lie has cost you the only man you’ll ever love, you need to act fast. You can overcome this mistake and work on rebuilding the bond of trust with him again. Doing so requires a lot of understanding and persistence on your part.

You have to face the fact that you’ve done something that has damaged your relationship. Lying to your boyfriend will make it impossible for him to trust you for the moment. Trying to plead with him to forgive you right now isn’t going to work. He won’t. He is feeling lost and betrayed and the last thing he’s thinking about is letting you off the hook. What happens in many relationships in which one partner lies is the other partner starts to question everything about the relationship and everything the lying partner has said. That’s why it’s a waste of your time and your partner’s for you to ask them to just get over things and trust you again.

Apologizing is necessary when you’ve lied to your boyfriend. Your apology needs to come from a genuine place and it has to include your reasons for telling the lie. Be as honest as you can be when doing this as it will set the tone for the future. If you try and excuse away your behavior, your partner will just view that as an indication that you’re not taking the lie seriously. Own what you did and make yourself accountable for it.

You should also be prepared for him to be somewhat doubting as you two move forward. He may question you more about the things you say. Don’t get upset with him. He has every right to be suspicious of you and what you share with him. If you are always straightforward with him from this day forward he’ll come to trust you again in time. Just be strong and stay committed to having an honest and open relationship with him.

When a woman is dishonest in her relationship it can damage it forever. If you’ve done anything that has caused your man to pull back, there is a way for you to get his interest back now.

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