I Had a Fight With My Boyfriend! How to Erase this Dating Mistake

I had a fight with my boyfriend,” is one statement we’ve all made at some point. It’s virtually impossible to be in a dating relationship and never have an argument. It happens and most of the time it’s something that the couple can move past fairly quickly. However, sometimes that’s not the case. If you were really upset during the conflict and said something that hurt your boyfriend deeply, that’s an ongoing problem. Getting past that and on to the future with your guy is probably going to take some extra effort on your part but getting him to forgive you and ensuring he feels close to you again is well worth it.

Before you can expect the man to forgive you, you need to make amends. Casually telling him you’re sorry probably isn’t going to cut it this time. Often when a person is deeply hurt they don’t even hear the apology. You have to plan out an apology and it must be heartfelt. You have to be specific in what you’re apologizing to him for. Put some thought into this and do it at a time when you know you feel strong and things will be calm. Calling him up to make your peace when he’s just about ready to leave for work isn’t a good idea. It’s also not advisable for you to try and do this when you two are in a busy coffee shop. Choose a place and time when you know things will be relaxed and you’ll have ample time to share what you’re feeling. He’ll appreciate that you were considerate and he’ll hear what you’re saying instead of being preoccupied and ignoring your words.

Once you’ve made your apology is when the real work begins. You need to show your boyfriend that your actions will back up your words. You have to ensure that your maturity shines through by not allowing your temper to get the better of you. If you allow yourself to get drawn into a small disagreement with him over something insignificant, he’ll once again be reminded of how you hurt him during your last argument.

He may feel some lingering resentment over the argument for a time or he may bring it up every now and again just to see how you react. If you remain calm and focused on the future with him, he’ll start to do the same. Although it may take some time to get him to forget the fight that led to all this, it can definitely be done.

When a woman makes a critical mistake in her relationship it can damage it forever. If you’ve done anything that has caused your man to pull back, there is a way for you to get his interest back now.

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