How to Get Him to Chase You After You Have Had Sex with Him! Crucial Advice for Women

Wouldn’t life be so much easier if we had a road map of sorts to help us find our way through our relationships? It would be helpful to know what you should and shouldn’t do to get a man’s attention and to keep it. Unfortunately, all too many of us make mistakes in our relationships that have disastrous consequences. One of those mistakes is sleeping with a man when things are still quite new. It’s a horrible feeling when a man pulls back after you’ve been intimate with him. All of a sudden what was once a promising relationship is now foggy and you’re unclear on whether you’ll ever even hear from him again. Learning how to get him to chase you after you have had sex with him can change everything. You don’t have to give up on him just yet. There are simple ways to regain his interest.

Understanding how to get him to chase you after you have had sex with him begins with understanding exactly what happened. It’s natural for a woman to assume that a man found the experience unfulfilling and that’s his motivation for running in the other direction. That’s incredibly unlikely. Men love intimacy but unfortunately they make some strong assumptions about a woman if she shares her body too soon. If you two slept together after only knowing each other for a short time he may actually decide that you’re too easy. Once a man labels you that way his interest falls off very quickly.

If he believes that you slept with him too soon he’s going to assume that you did the same with every other man you’ve ever dated. Your intimacy habits are your business alone and it’s not for any man to judge you based on what you did with him. Sadly some men do just that and they then decide that pursuing a relationship with you won’t be worth it.

In order to get him to change his mind about you and your approach to relationships, you have to shift the focus of the relationship and you need to do that quickly. Since he’s not reaching out to you anymore, you need to take on that role. Men aren’t impressed with women who chase after them so you can’t make your interest in him too obvious. It’s best to contact him and just ask how he is. Small talk is your best friend right now and you can use it to get him to see that there’s much more to you than your role as an intimate partner.

Invite him out for a friend type outing. It might be a lunch or even just to grab a quick cup of coffee late in the afternoon. Don’t mention the words date or relationship at all. You need and want to appear easy going about this and as though you don’t have an investment in him. Once you do see him, again talk about anything but sex or what happened. Allow your personality to come through your words and show him that you’re dynamic and interesting in all kinds of ways. He’ll soon start to see that you’re a woman who has a lot going for her and dating you will be what he focuses on more than how you two were intimate so early.

When a woman sleeps with a man too soon it can damage the relationship forever. If you’ve done anything that has caused your man to pull back, there is a way for you to get his interest back now.

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