How Do You Make a Guy Want You Back After a Break Up?

How do you make a guy want you back after a break up? You wish you knew the secret answer to that question, don’t you? There are many women in the same position as you. They’ve come through the end of a relationship and are now standing on the other side of it full of regret that they’ve lost the man they truly love. As difficult as many of life’s challenges are, this is one of the worst. Trying to mend a broken heart and find a way to get back someone after a break up is really challenging. All you want to do is call him up, plead with him to see the light and take you back. You know that’s not the right approach to take though, right? You need to take a step back, catch your breath and really learn how to handle yourself and him so he wants you back for good.

When you’re searching for an answer to the question of how do you make a guy want you back, you’re going to come across some pretty ridiculous advice. Some people suggest that the right thing to do is to write him a long love letter spilling your innermost thoughts out. Don’t do that. Other advice will tell you that you can’t get him back unless you call him continuously in an effort to get him to talk to you. Again, you’re not going to help anything by doing such things. And finally, never follow any advice that tells you to start dating again to make your ex jealous. Doing that is going to guarantee that you end up alone while in the process you’ll hurt both men.

As strange as it seems one of the best things you can do right now is push your ex out of your mind and focus on yourself. If you don’t attempt to talk to him for a day or two or even a week it’s not going to harm your chances of getting him back. It will actually help your chances. He’ll have time to reflect on what you meant to him and you’ll have an opportunity to brush your heart and pride off, pick yourself up and get your bearings. By not trying to contact him, you’ll ensure he misses you and that’s incredibly helpful when it comes to getting a man interested again.

Men are naturally drawn to strong, self confident women. Even though you may feel like an emotional mess with no confidence at all, don’t let that show to your ex. You want and need for him to see you as someone who can weather the storm of a break up and still be in control of herself. Don’t shed a tear when you’re talking to him or when you see him and keep a beautiful and bright smile on your face. By doing this, you’ll make him face the fact that you aren’t completely emotionally dependent on him. When a man starts to see that a woman can live without him, that’s when he wants her more than anything because in his mind, he’ll prove to her that she needs him.

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