He’s Drifting Away From Me! How to Pull Your Guy Closer Again

He’s drifting away from me!” That is always said with a mixture of sadness and uncertainty. We all have an inner compass when it comes to our relationship. We know instinctively when things are headed down the right path and when they’re headed down the path towards certain heartbreak. If your guy isn’t as invested in your relationship as he once was, it can’t help but throw your heart into a tailspin. You don’t want to even consider a life without him but what can you do to alter the future? There’s plenty that you can and should be doing if you don’t want him to become your ex boyfriend. This is your one chance to save the most important relationship in your life so it’s vital that you understand what you need to do.

If he’s drifting away you need to address what the core problem is. The best way to do that is to ask him what is going on with him. You do need to do this in a compassionate and understanding way. Tell him that you’ve noticed a shift in his behavior and you’re deeply concerned. Try your best not to be crying or overly emotional when you start this conversation. If you are visibly upset his defense mechanisms are bound to kick in and he’ll shut down before you have a chance to learn anything of value. Try to be calm and just tell him that you’re concerned and want to know what has changed for him. If you handle this in a mature way, he’ll be much more willing to open up and share what he feels.

Once you can identify what the problem is you can then start to fix it. In no way should you ever threaten or coerce a man into staying with you. Don’t tell him that your life is going to be over the moment he walks out. You also shouldn’t say that you’ll never be able to love another man the same way. These types of statements will quickly make a man retreat into himself. If he hadn’t already decided to end things, that will cause him to do so.

Instead, what you need to be doing is working on strengthening the bond between the two of you. You can do this in several ways, some of which are a bit surprising, For instance, talk to him more. Encourage him to share more of what he’s been feeling. You don’t have to dive headfirst into talking about his feelings. Even getting him to talk about what’s going on with his job will help him to feel closer to you. It’s also may be worthwhile to give him some room to think and process what he’s feeling. That doesn’t mean that you necessarily need to take an official break from one another. You could just ask about his schedule less and plan some evenings on your own or with other friends. If he feels that you’re allowing him the chance to have a bit of space, he’ll respect you more for it.

It’s important to not panic when you do feel he’s drifting away. Just stay committed to your relationship and to the man you love. If you’re patient with him, compassionate and understanding that will help him see that you really are the woman he wants and needs.

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