He’s Pushing You Away! How to Pull Him Closer Again

He’s pushing you away. It’s subtle but you can tell. Perhaps he’s not as available as he used to be in terms of having time to see you. Or maybe he’s been less complimentary. Something has definitely changed and it’s enough of a change to make you very worried. If you’re in love with a man and you feel him pulling back, you should be concerned. Quite often this is the first sign that a man is beginning to think about ending the relationship. Men tend to detach themselves from the woman they are with in both physical and emotional ways before they break up. You really do need to act now if you hope to save the relationship and pull him closer to you again.

If he’s pushing you away the last thing you want to do is push back. If you take on the stance of being the wronged girlfriend and you demand to know why he has started to treat you so poorly, you’re going to risk alienating the man. In fact, what you’ll likely do is speed up the process of breaking up. If you angrily confront a man who is pushing you away, you risk having him dump you on the spot. It’s obvious from his behavior that he doesn’t want to get into a huge discussion about what’s wrong. If he did, he would have already made an effort to talk to you about things.

Instead you’re going to allow your actions to do all the talking for you. This means you have to draw on all the inner strength you have to show him that your world does not start and stop based on whether or not he’s paying you attention. If a man feels that he has complete and total control over you, in terms of your emotions, his interest will dwindle. If he instead questions exactly what’s going on with you, he won’t be able to stop thinking about you. Suddenly, you’re no longer the sweet, devoted partner you once were. Now there’s an edge to you because he sees that you may not be willing to wait while he decides the fate of your relationship himself.

By taking a cue from him and allowing some distance to appear, he’ll notice immediately. He’ll see that you aren’t chasing after him trying to hold onto him any longer. He’ll also see that you don’t seem all that bothered by the fact that he’s pushing you away. That will impact him much more than any words you could say to him.

Pulling him back can’t happen by getting him to tell you his innermost thoughts and desires. It’s not going to happen because you insist that he spend every moment he can with you. It will happen if you walk away and let him have exactly what he wants which is time alone. Your absence will do all the talking for you and in time the man will see that life without you is not nearly as interesting as it is when you two are sharing everything with one another.

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