Your Boyfriend Says He Needs Time

Your boyfriend says he needs time. Time is the last thing you need or want. You know that you absolutely adore him and that there’s no other man for you. However, none of that really feels as though it matters when the man you love wants to get away from you. Dealing with a situation like this is difficult because there are so many emotions involved. You feel disappointed, discouraged and confused. Does the fact that he needs time mean it’s over for good or is there still a chance to get closer to him again? You can not only pull him back to you but you can do things that will help cement the bond between the two of you so he’ll never even consider taking time away from you again.

What was your first reaction when he told you he needed time? If you’re like most women you went into panic mode straight away. Why wouldn’t you? All you could see was the end of your relationship around the corner. You took his words as a direct personal rejection. You may even have launched into a campaign to save your relationship right on the spot. A lot of us do this and it never really works. Telling him why he’ll regret taking time or why he shouldn’t want a break won’t change his mind. You’ll just end up driving the man further away from you.

If your boyfriend says he needs time try and look at that from an objective place. The man you love is essentially telling you that he wants some time away from you. Something isn’t quite connecting for him now the way it used to. He feels strongly that it will help him by taking some time for himself to think. He isn’t telling you that he wants the relationship to be over. If you can focus on that, you’ll be able to make the right decisions and handle this situation so he will come back.

Give him the time that he wants. You should actually be encouraging him to take it. Tell him that you understand and that you want to give him what he needs. Be respectful and supportive. This is actually going to surprise him because men expect a very specific reaction when they tell their girlfriends they want time apart. If you allow your maturity to shine through, you’ve already changed his perception of you along with his desire to be with you. All men want to be with someone who is incredibly understanding and compassionate.

Once he does start on his quest for time by himself, leave him to it. Don’t make the mistake of wallowing in grief over this or shutting down your own life. Instead, use this as an opportunity to make a better life for yourself. If a man sees that a woman can be happier without him that makes him feel disposable. Anytime a man feels that he’ll do whatever it takes to prove to the woman how much she needs him. If you act independent, fulfilled and satisfied without him, his need for time or space will quickly become a thing of the past.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can impact your future with the man you love. If you still need and want him don’t leave your future with him to chance, there are ways to win him back.

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