Tips for Attracting Your Ex-Boyfriend Over the Phone

You want your ex back. Everyone around you has probably told you that it’s best to leave the past in the past. You know that for most things in life that’s the case but it’s not when you’re still head over heels, crazy in love with an ex. Your heart won’t even allow you to consider loving another man. How can you when you’re so deeply devoted to your ex? Perhaps you feel ready to get him back but you’re not quite comfortable with the idea of seeing him in person. Is there a way you can begin attracting your ex boyfriend back over the phone? There actually are simple things you can say to him that will make him see the best in you and open himself up emotionally to the idea of a renewed relationship with you.

One of the best tips for attracting your ex boyfriend over the phone is to call him up to talk about something that is going on in his life. Examples of this are his birthday, if he gets a promotion at work, if he’s recently purchased a new car or if he’s decided to go back to school part time to chase his degree. If you’ve heard through the mutual friend grapevine that something monumental is going on in your ex boyfriend’s life, this is the time to call him up to congratulate him. You really want the conversations you have with him to center more on his life than yours.

Another tip to grab your ex boyfriend’s attention on the phone is to always be as positive as you can be when talking to him. Never bring up what happened in the past and try and only sound committed to a bright future for yourself. Don’t mention how much you miss him or how you long to be back with him again. This will only serve to make him uncomfortable and you just don’t want to do that. Instead, sound happy and content with your life. If he senses that you’re mature enough to move on from the end of the relationship, he’ll find that quality attractive.

You also must not hound him on a daily basis by calling him up repeatedly to talk. You have to temper your interactions with him. If you call him once every two weeks that’s typically a good amount in the beginning. Over time, if he’s interested again he’ll start calling you as well and you should allow him the opportunity to do that. You never want to appear as though you’re desperate and chasing after him.

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