Reasons Why Your Boyfriend Hasn’t Called You Back

Many women face one huge challenge in their relationship that can feel insurmountable. The problem is that most men just don’t see it as being something as significant as we do. It’s the issue of phone calls and in particular, it’s the problem of the boyfriend who never returns your calls. It’s frustrating when you feel close to him and then he just won’t take the time to call you back. You’ve probably tried talking to him about it but if he’s like most men he’ll tell you that it’s no big deal or that you’re overreacting. You’re not. It’s a source of anxiety for you and as such you deserve to know why it’s happening and what you can do to change it. Once you understand the reasons why your boyfriend hasn’t called you back, you can then start ensuring that in the future he will.

One of the main reasons why your boyfriend hasn’t called you back is because he knows eventually you’ll make the call again. It’s true. Most of us have been guilty of doing this. We call our boyfriend and when he doesn’t pick up we leave a lengthy message explaining how much we need or want to speak to him. He doesn’t call back so within a couple of hours, we call again. We repeat that cycle over and over again until he finally does pick up. In his eyes, he sees no reason to put the effort into calling back because he knows that eventually you’ll call again. Your own behavior may be contributing to the problem.

Another of the reasons why he hasn’t called you back could be that he’s testing you to see how upset you do get. Most women don’t recognize the fact that men give us small tests when we’re developing a connection with them. They expect you to fly off the handle if they don’t return a phone call or two. Many women will tell a man that it’s a sign of disrespect or they’ll fall apart into a puddle of tears and say that the man doesn’t care for them. If you react in this way he’ll see you as being too high maintenance in emotional terms and he’ll move on to someone else. The reaction he isn’t anticipating is the one in which you don’t react at all and then don’t return his calls when he does finally call you back.

Unfortunately, he may also not call you back because he just doesn’t see that call as being that important to him. If a man is wild about a woman he’ll want to talk to her. In most cases he’ll pick up the moment she calls. If he does miss the call, he’ll call back as soon as he can. If your guy repeatedly ignores your calls and your requests for a return call, you may have to face the fact that he views you as just a very casual partner.

Confused about when you should be calling your man? Calling too often, at the wrong time or before he’s ready to hear from you can turn him off.

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