My Ex Boyfriend Wants to Talk to Me! How to Handle This Tricky Situation

My ex boyfriend wants to talk to me!” That’s very exciting if you’re a woman who is still desperately in love with her ex. Answering the phone and hearing him tell you that he’d like to meet to talk with you is a dream come true. However, you shouldn’t start imagining your loving reunion with him just yet. Men call their ex girlfriends to request a meeting for a variety of reasons. As much as you’re hoping that it means that he wants to get back together with you that might not be it.

If your ex boyfriend wants to talk with you it’s important that you be realistic about his intentions. Although your heart wants to believe that it’s all about his insatiable desire to be with you again, that may not be it. He may want to tell you that he’s dating someone new and wanted you to hear it from him first. He may need to talk to you about financial issues that stem from the relationship you two shared or he could feel it’s best to tell you some bad news in person.

Agree to meet with him at the time and place he suggests. Make certain that you take the time to look the best you can. Wear something in his favorite color and do your make up just the way he used to prefer. This is all about sending out silent signals to him that will make you that much more attractive.

Listen to what he has to say and regardless of what it is try to temper your reaction. If he’s come to tell you that he has indeed met someone else and is now in a relationship try not to burst into tears. Smile and tell him that you’re really happy for him. If he believes you are that will ultimately help you in your quest to get him back. He’ll see you as a friend instead of a jilted ex girlfriend and it will enable you to become someone he trusts and confides in again.

If he is indeed meeting with you to tell you that he wants to be with you again, try not to jump out of your seat and into his lap. If you make it too obvious to him that you want him back, he’ll have more control over your renewed relationship than you do. You don’t want that to happen. Tell him that you’re flattered and surprised and that you need a bit of time to process things. This is a great way to play hard to get and will help to balance things out a bit so you’re equal partners going back into the relationship together.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can impact your future with the man you love. If you still need and want him don’t leave your future with him to chance, there are ways to win him back.

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