How to Tell If a Guy Just Wants to Get In Your Pants

Men will always be something of a mystery to most women. Try as we might we just can’t ever read them completely. We think we have them all figured out and then a moment later we feel blindsided and confused. When you start dating a new guy it can take some time to read his signals correctly. If you like him you obviously hope he feels the same way about you. However, there’s always a bit of concern about whether or not he’s more interested in physical intimacy than emotional intimacy. Understanding how to tell if a guy wants to get in your pants will help you weed out the players from the men who are interested in something more meaningful and lasting.

Learning how to tell if a guy just wants to get in your pants is all about being able to read between the lines of what he’s saying and to interpret his actions. Men who are after intimacy above and beyond anything else are very skilled at making a woman believe she’s a treasure and very special. These type of men tend to say all the right things and they almost seem too good to be true. A good example is the guy who tells you very early on in your relationship that he thinks he’s falling in love with you. As charmed as you are by that, consider that love takes time and patience to grow. If he’s that mad about you, it’s probably because he’s in love with your body and wants a chance to enjoy it.

Another thing that men who are focused on sex will often do is they won’t really invest themselves in what’s going on in the relationship beyond the intimacy. If you talk to him about your work and he comments in the middle of the discussion about how hot you look, his mind isn’t on what you’re saying. It’s on what he wishes he was doing with you. You might overlook this because you feel so flattered by his compliments but test him the next time you see him. Talk about something that is completely unrelated to intimacy and watch how he reacts. If he appears to not hear you, chances are very good that he hasn’t. His goal is what he’s focused on and that’s not learning everything he can about you.

If he never asks how you are and hasn’t expressed feeling anything for you beyond pure lust, that’s not a sign of a man who sees you as anything other than a sexual partner. He doesn’t feel the need to ask how you are because he really doesn’t care. To him, you’re someone he sees as a sexual conquest. As difficult as it may be to come to that realization it’s always better to know before you invest too much of yourself in the relationship.

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