How to Steal a Guy Back From His New Girlfriend

Your boyfriend has a new girlfriend. Technically he’s no longer your boyfriend though. You two broke up a bit ago but in your heart, he’s truly the only man for you. You love him and it’s incredibly painful to know that he’s with someone new. You probably wish there was a magic spell you could cast over him that would make him lose interest in her and come running back to you. There’s not. There are ways you can steal a guy back from his new girlfriend though and not one of them involves a magic wand or making her disappear. It’s all about learning how to establish yourself as someone he can’t live without.

Understanding how to steal a guy back when he’s already dating someone new is all about dividing and conquering but in the sweetest and most subtle way. Obviously you can’t just march up to them and tell her that he’s yours. He’s not anymore and if you tried an approach like that, you’d never be able to make him yours again. You need to embrace their relationship. As hard as it is for you to do that, you need to and it has to be convincing. They have to believe that you sincerely are happy for them and want the best for them. That means you need to brush off the acting techniques you learned in high school drama class because they’re going to come in very handy now.

The reason that you have to appear so happy for them is that you need to establish a new connection with your ex again if you hope to steal him back. You can’t get back a man who is dating someone new if all you do is tell him how much better you are than his current girlfriend. You have to show him and you can do that if you act mature and accepting when you talk to him. Ask how his girlfriend is each time you call him to check on how things are going for him. If you happen to run into the two of them together, engage her in conversation more than you engage him. Giggle with her and ask about her shoes or her handbag. If you show that you’re not threatened by her at all, it will encourage him to open up enough to want to establish a close friendship with you.

You have a very distinct and important advantage over his new girlfriend. You already know what he likes in a woman and what pushes him away. By implanting yourself in his life as a friend and then using that knowledge to make yourself irresistible to him, you’ll have a fool proof plan. Wear his favorite color when you hang out with him and his new girlfriend. Say the things that you know he found adorable and endearing.  Just be certain to follow a couple of basic rules when you take this approach. First, never compete with his girlfriend. Secondly, don’t talk about how much you want him back or about your break up. Your focus is on the future and once he sees that you’re still the woman of his dreams, his new girlfriend will become part of his past.

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