How Can I Make Him Fall In Love With Me Again?

How can I make him fall in love with me again? You really wish the answer to that question was something simple that worked instantly, don’t you? Since you and your boyfriend broke up you’ve been heading down a pretty miserable path. You’re a smart woman and you know that sometimes couples just aren’t meant to be together. You can recognize and accept that except that you absolutely feel and sense that it’s not the case with you and your ex. You truly adore him and feel in every way that he’s your other half. But you two aren’t together anymore. It’s painful and it’s confusing but it doesn’t have to be permanent. Getting the man back and making him fall in love with you again isn’t impossible. It’s actually very likely if you understand the basics of male psychology and what you need to do and say to get him to long for you again the way he used to.

There’s one rule you really need to keep in mind if your goal in life is to get him to love you again. Whatever you think you should be doing, you probably shouldn’t be doing. One huge difference between men and women is that we think with our hearts and men think with their heads. Men are mostly about logic and what makes sense after a break up. Women are all about how much it hurts. We’re driven by our emotions and that can lead to a lot of trouble and heartbreak.

One thing that works amazingly well when you are trying to rekindle a lost romance is to reject your ex. This sounds absolutely ludicrous given the fact that you two aren’t together anymore. However, you probably have made it crystal clear to your guy that you’re his for the taking whenever he wants. Most of us are guilty of this because it’s so hard to conceal our true feelings. We think it’s romantic to profess our undying love and devotion. That’s not how it’s viewed from a man’s point of view though.

If you do two simple things, you’ll instantly notice a change in your ex boyfriend. The first thing is to tell him that you want the best for him and wish him well. The second is to disappear from his life for awhile. Neither is easy to do but if you can find the strength to do them, you’ll be amazed by his reaction. The second a man feels rejected by anyone his ego takes over and he’ll work to impress that person and get them to like or love him again. It works and it’s astonishing how well it works when you’re trying to win a man back.

Confused about how to win him back? Saying or doing one wrong thing can impact your future with the man you love.

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