He Says I’m Too Good For Him! What This Really Means

He says I’m too good for him! That’s supposed to make you feel good, right? Is it meant as a compliment or not? You’re wondering those things right now because your guy has said it to you. He’s told you that he thinks he’s not deserving of you or you’re just too good for someone like him. What are you supposed to make of a comment like that? Does he mean it in a kind way or is there some hidden agenda behind his words? Understanding why men say this can help you tremendously in your relationship and can give you the insight you need to get the love you want and deserve.

If he says you’re too good for him, it’s not something you should be getting excited about. Men tend to say this when they’re contemplating ending a relationship. To them it’s a very kind and compassionate way of letting a woman down easy. They think that if they tell her that she deserves someone better that she’ll be so touched by the sentiment in those words that she won’t realize she’s being dumped. If your guy has said it to you, he’s likely considering changing the relationship dramatically in the very near future.

You can tell the real meaning behind his words based on the behavior that goes with them. If he’s changed recently and has less time to devote to you, that’s another sign that he’s getting ready to pull back from you. Many men will first disengage themselves from a relationship physically because they can’t stand to keep up the farce of pretending to be crazy about the woman they’re dating. So instead of taking the honest and direct route, they pretend to be so busy they can’t see you or they come up with excuse after excuse for why they have to break dates.

Perhaps you’ve taken to arguing with him over whether or not you are actually too good for him. There are clues in his reaction to this as well. If he insists that you’d be happier with another man who appreciated and valued you more, he’s likely telling you what he really feels in his heart. He may not feel worthy of you or he may indeed just feel that you two are ill suited for each other. Either way he’s on the brink of ending the relationship and if you aren’t ready for that to happen, it’s up to you to help him to see that you are more than good enough for one another.

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