He Says He’ll Never Marry Me! How to Change His Mind

He says he’ll never marry me, now what?” It’s a question women just like you are asking. You never imagined that you’d be in a relationship with a man you absolutely adore who just won’t marry you. What does that mean for your future? Are you going to have to make a choice between what you want and staying with him? It’s frustrating and it’s disheartening. To know that your guy won’t make a commitment like that to you can also damage your self esteem. Before you allow his decision to impact your life and your confidence even more than it already has, do something now to change things. If you want a commitment from him and he’s not offering it, it’s up to you to get it.

Since he says he’ll never marry you, you have to change the dynamic of the relationship. Typically men dig their heels in on the issue of commitment when the relationship is already giving them everything they need. You two may live together already and in that case you’re playing the dutiful wife’s role already. Or maybe you don’t reside in the same house but you spend enough time together that he knows that he can rely on you to tend to his every need. If you’ve been doing this, give yourself a talking to. You have to change and it needs to happen now. You can’t be his life partner without the commitment that you want in place.

Start pulling back just a bit. You can do this in very subtle ways that will have a tremendous impact on him. For instance, if you were always available to see him every night, make some other plans. Hang out with your friends or have dinner with your sibling. Even spending some time with people from work instead of your guy sends a message to him that you’re not always going to be right there for him.

You also must make your own decisions. It’s normal for a couple in a relationship to look to each other for guidance. That’s thoughtful and it’s suggestive of a bond. However, if your guy is taking you for granted and says he’ll never marry you, don’t keep asking for his opinion on every decision you need to make. Be more independent and tell him of your decision after you’ve made it. This one change in how you deal with him can have a dramatic impact on him as it suggests to him that you’re thinking more as an independent woman than someone in a relationship.

Any small change you can make that shows that you’re feeling less like his partner and more like yourself will help you get what you want. Sometimes taking yourself out of the equation just a bit can show him that marriage is something he should be considering if losing you completely is the alternative.

You don’t have to wait for him to decide whether or not he’s ready to commit to you. If you are tired of putting your dreams on hold because he’s commitment phobic, there are things you can do to make him want to marry you now.

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