Your Boyfriend Doesn’t Contact You For Days at a Time

Your boyfriend doesn’t contact you for days at a time. You feel so many negative things. You’re angry with him and you feel rejected and confused. When you two are together things seem great but there’s this nagging feeling in the back of your mind that he’s taking you for granted. You’re right, he is. If your guy ignores you for days on end and then acts like the perfect boyfriend when you’re together, that’s a problem that you just can’t continue to ignore. By not doing anything to change the situation, you’re essentially telling him that you accept his mistreatment of you and that means it won’t ever change.

When your boyfriend doesn’t contact you for days it shows that he knows you’ll be waiting once he does get around to calling. Women allow this to happen to them for one very simple reason. They love their guy so much that they’re willing to put up with anything in order to keep him happy. They know that they’re being ignored and taken for granted, yet they barely utter a word about it. On the other end of the spectrum are women who get so up in arms that they blow up at their boyfriend when he doesn’t call. A man views a woman like this as a drama queen and tends to believe that eventually she’ll run out of steam and just accept whatever he does. In most cases, she will.

What you do in a case like this is much more important than what you say. You can talk until you run out of words about how his behavior hurts you, but if you allow it to happen again, everything you said means absolutely nothing to him. Instead, you’re going to show him that this isn’t acceptable to you and if it continues, he can find another girlfriend to ignore.

What’s the best way to do that? It’s simple actually. You just forget about him each time he doesn’t contact you. For instance, let’s say it’s been a couple of days now since you last saw him. You’ve been waiting impatiently for him to contact you in some ways, and there’s been no word at all. You start to boil over and you practice what you’ll say to him once he does finally reach out. He knows that’s what’s at work at the moment and he also knows that regardless of how long he takes to call you, you’ll still be interested.

This time is different. You’re going to stop waiting to hear from him and you’re going to go out and have fun. Once he does call, let it go to voicemail and don’t return that call until the next day. He’ll likely call you several times in the meantime wondering why you’re not chomping at the bit to see him. Once you do talk, keep it very short and say you’re busy. This will change his attitude on the spot. The moment a man sees that a woman isn’t waiting patiently for him anymore, he’ll start respecting her.

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