What Does My Ex Boyfriend Want?

What does my ex boyfriend want? You’re asking this now because you can’t make heads or tails out of his recent behavior. Splitting up with the man you care about is difficult enough, when he starts sending you a bunch of mixed signals it’s really going to mess with your head and your heart. If you still love him and you’ve considered the idea of getting back together with him, you need some insight into what exactly he does feel for you. Once you understand how to decipher his actions, you’ll know whether or not he’s still feeling as emotionally connected to you as you are to him.

If your ex boyfriend continually calls you just to talk that’s bound to feel confusing to you. How could it not? Here’s a man who dumped you and now is acting as though you two are great pals. You may be suspicious of his motives but he likely tells you that he just likes you as a friend. Maybe that’s true but it’s very possible that he wants to keep the lines of communication open because he’s hopeful that in time you two will get back together again. If you consider the fact that most break ups end all contact between the couple, his constant need to reach out to you speaks volumes. He doesn’t want to let you go just yet.

You may also be experiencing some confusion over his desire to talk about the failed relationship. If he seems to bring it up with a regretful tone and if he apologizes over and over for what went wrong, that shows that he genuinely has remorse. His motivation for doing this is likely two fold. First, he’s trying to rid himself of the guilt over what happened and secondly, he may be testing the emotional waters to see how receptive you are to his being honest about his regrets. This is meaningful and is something that you want to take to heart.

Asking about your dating status is another thing men do when they’re still holding out hope of getting back together with their ex. His interest in who you’re seeing and what he’s like isn’t based on his curious nature. He’s sizing up his completion and you’d be well advised to not delve into a conversation with an ex about anyone you’re seeing now. It can create a lot of jealousy and difficult feelings on both sides of the equation.

It’s not always easy trying to figure out what your ex boyfriend wants but always pay special attention to how sincere he sounds when he’s talking to you. Remember, that if he was completely over you he’d simply fade into the sunset. He’s keeping a connection with you open and alive because he definitely still has feelings for you.

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