Tips for Meeting His New Girlfriend if You Still Love Him

Moving forward through a break up is rarely easy. The challenges are even more insurmountable if you still love your ex. Your thoughts are constantly filled with him and what a life together would be like. You wish you could change the past so the two of you would still be together. You can’t though and in some cases, women in your position are faced with the prospect of having to accept that their man has moved on. Meeting his new girlfriend when you are still crazy about him is incredibly difficult. It feels almost impossible but it’s not. In fact, you can actually use this experience as a springboard towards getting him back for yourself. How you handle yourself when you meet her will either give you an advantage when it comes to stealing him away from her or you’ll push him closer to her and farther away from you.

The thought of meeting his new girlfriend likely spurs overwhelming feelings of jealousy and envy in you. She has something right now that you don’t and that’s the companionship and affection of your ex boyfriend. In your mind she’s the one thing standing between you and your happily-ever-after future with the man you adore. But in his eyes, she’s the woman for him at the moment and you have to respect and recognize that. You can’t charge into the middle of their relationship demanding that he leave her for you. It won’t happen and in fact it will actually push him deeper into her arms and heart.

You have to draw on every last bit of maturity you have in this situation. You must show your ex that you can handle something this emotional. It’s also a perfect opportunity for you to cement yourself a new position in his life as just a friend. Granted it’s not what you ultimately want to be for him but for now it’s the best that you’re going to get.

Be kind and considerate when you are meeting his new girlfriend. You want to show your ex boyfriend that you’re not the catty type who feels inferior when you’re faced with another woman. Ask her questions about herself and invest yourself in the conversation. Tell her it was great to meet her and then wish them both a good day.

If you handle that meeting correctly you’ll be able to secure yourself a position as a close and trusted friend to your ex. His new girlfriend won’t see you as a threat because she’s already met you and knows how lovely you are. You’ll also become a trusted confidante to your ex because in his eyes you aren’t threatened by his new love. This will ensure that once they start to drift apart, you’ll be the one there ot help put his heart back together.

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