Signs You Are Not a Priority in His Life

When you deeply love a man you obviously hope that he feels the same way about you. It’s the stuff that fairytale dreams are made of. You feel like a princess when he’s around because he does everything he can possibly do to make your life easier. But what if you are crazy about a guy and you’re just not sure that he’s feeling the same thing for you? There are times when we all feel a bit neglected within our relationships but if it feels like it’s more than that, you need to address it. There are some signs you are not a priority in his life that will help you sort through exactly where you stand with your guy.

One of the most obvious signs you are not a priority in his life is you never can track him down. There are generally two types of men. One is the man who calls his woman regularly and answers her calls whenever he can. He makes himself completely available to her because hearing her voice is one thing that he absolutely enjoys. The other type of man screens his calls and returns calls to his girlfriend when he feels like it. He’s also the guy who disappears for hours or days at a time only to reappear without any explanation. If your guy isn’t always reachable or you sometimes lose track of him, he doesn’t see you as that important a person in his life yet.

Another sign that he doesn’t view you as being near the top of his priority list is he’ll frequently wait until the last minute to make plans with you. You know the type of guy who does this. You won’t hear from him all day and then in the evening he’s ready, willing and eager to see you. That suggests that any other plans he may have had fell through or that he views you as old reliable who will just rush out to see him on his terms, not yours. A man who values you will get plans in place well in advance because spending that time with you is so important to him.

Most of us get a little upset if the man we love forgets important dates like our birthday, but it’s also actually a sign that you’re not that important to him. You have to weigh this carefully though as some men genuinely do have poor memories when it comes to things like specific dates. However, if he’s forgotten something that was important to you and he doesn’t seem to regret it very much, that’s a strong sign that your feelings aren’t that big of a concern to him.

You don’t have to live in a relationship in which you continually feel ignored and neglected. You have the power to have the love you want with your man.

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