I Yelled at My Boyfriend! How to Get Him to Forgive You

I yelled at my boyfriend,” said the woman filled with regret. We all lose our tempers from time-to-time. Sometimes in the middle of anger we do and say things we wish we could take back. Unfortunately, we can’t. Once you’ve gotten mad at him and yelled, it’s out there and there’s absolutely no way in the world you can turn back time. Couples will have disagreements but if you feel you went overboard and now he’s backed away, that’s a situation that you just can’t ignore. It’s up to you to fix this and get the relationship back to the place it was before. You need to swallow your pride and set out to show your boyfriend that you didn’t mean it and making it up to him is the most important thing for you.

You obviously yelled at your boyfriend for a reason. Maybe he did something that hurt you and it was your way to express that to him. Perhaps you two were in the middle of a heated discussion and you didn’t feel that he was acknowledging your side of things. Regardless, before you can start to rectify this you need to understand what caused your outburst. Be honest with yourself about why you allowed your temper to get the better of you.

Now you have to apologize. You probably have already done this, but it’s important that it be done in just the right way. Contact him and request a meeting in person. If he’s feeling vulnerable and isn’t interested in that, you’ll need to make the apology on the phone to him.

Be as sincere as you possibly can be and explain why you reacted the way you did. Make it clear that you don’t believe anything could excuse your behavior towards him but you’re regretting it and want to make amends. You must take responsibility for getting upset and not try and place the blame on him even if he made you very angry the day you yelled. You are responsible for controlling your own temper.

The next thing you have to do requires a great deal of perseverance and patience. You need to show your boyfriend that it’s not something that will happen again. If you feel yourself starting to get upset inside again, take a deep breath and excuse yourself from the conversation. You never want to end up in the same place you were when you yelled. Showing him that you’re making a strong effort to change is what he needs to see from you.

When a woman makes a critical mistake in her relationship it can damage it forever. If you’ve done anything that has caused your man to pull back, there is a way for you to get his interest back now.

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