I Think I Scared Him Away

I think I scared him away is something women say after they’ve come on too strong to a man. It’s hard sometimes to know how to temper what you feel. You meet him and sparks instantly fly. It’s understandable why you’d start thinking about what your future with him might hold. If you share that with him, before he’s ready to hear it, the relationship may be doomed. During those early stages of dating, it’s fairly easy to spook a man to the point that he’ll look for the nearest exit and make a run for it. If you spilled your heart and hopes out to him and it’s now been some time since you’ve heard from him. That’s not good. All hope isn’t lost though. You can pull him back but you have to follow a very specific set of rules to make it happen.

Whenever a woman says, “I think I scared him away,” she’s already dealing with the repercussions of her actions. It’s not difficult to tell when a man is pulling away from you. His calls will become infrequent and he’ll be too busy to see you. You’ll wait impatiently to talk to him and when you finally do get that chance, he’ll be sullen and quiet. It’s unmistakable and it’s also the beginning of the end of the relationship unless you take steps to change it.

You have to act quickly if you want to pull him back in. There’s actually just a small window of opportunity for you to do that. If you allow too much time to pass, he’ll move on and all those intense feelings you have for him will have absolutely no where to go. You have to approach him again but this time you’re going to do it from a much different place. You’re not going to show him that you believe you can’t live without him or that he’s the only guy for you. You’re simply going to be someone who enjoys his company and hopes to forge ahead with a friendship with him.

Call him up and leave him a voice mail message. He likely is screening his calls out of fear that you’re on the brink of proposing marriage to him. Just ring him up and let him know that you’d like to get together for a coffee just to catch up. Don’t sound desperate and try not to be upset when you call. This is your one chance to convince him that you’re not stalking him, so make it count.

Most men will respond favourably to a call like this if they’ve enjoyed spending time with the woman. They’ll agree to meet and when you do, look as fabulous as you possibly can. Then keep the conversation on all things generic and don’t bring up your declarations of undying love from your last meeting. Let that slip into the past which is where it belongs. He’ll see a calmer and more in control side of you and it will help him feel comfortable in terms of seeing you again and again.

When a woman makes a critical mistake in her relationship it can damage it forever. If you’ve done anything that has caused your man to pull back, there is a way for you to get his interest back now.

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