How to Forgive a Cheating Husband

You want to learn how to forgive a cheating husband. You recently found out that your husband was unfaithful. You’ve likely been cycling through a whole range of emotions. Everything from sadness to confusion to anger is all right there at the surface. He’s told you how sorry he is and you can sense his deep regret. You are determined to save your marriage but you’re unsure how to get past his infidelity and get to a place of forgiveness. You can do it if you have the right mindset and some insight on how forgiveness can actually help you more than it helps your husband.

Understanding how to forgive a cheating husband begins with recognizing that regardless of how much you want to wish away his adultery, you can’t. He cheated on you and now you must deal with the consequences of that. You must try to get yourself to a place of acceptance. Wishing that it hadn’t happened is natural and normal. But it did happen and the sooner you can accept that he was unfaithful, the closer you’ll be to forgiveness.

The key to forgiving a cheating husband is to do it more for yourself than for him. Right now you’re juggling a lot of anger and disappointment. You’re also questioning what the marriage meant to him and how he could have strayed if he loved you as much as he said he does. Men cheat for a whole host of reasons and most have nothing to do with how they feel about their wives. To many men the act of cheating is all about the physical connection and not an emotional one.

By forgiving him you’ll be allowing yourself the chance to heal. You’ll release a lot of the negative emotions and you’ll find comfort in that. It’s important to recognize that everyone makes mistakes in life and even though this is a horrendous mistake it is forgivable.

The time table by which you grant your forgiveness is going to be a personal choice. Some women find it easy to forgive quickly because they acknowledge that the marriage had serious issues and they understand why their husband strayed. For other women it takes time to really find forgiveness but it’s something that they work towards each and every day. If your husband is showing you that he’s genuinely sorry for what happened and he wants to be a better partner, let that lead the way towards forgiveness for you. It will help you get your feet firmly on the path towards rebuilding your marriage.

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