How Can I Get My Husband to Listen to Me?

How can I get my husband to listen to me? You’re frustrated and you’re feeling alone within your marriage. You sense that your husband has just grown tired of you and he’s showing that by ignoring you when you speak to him. It’s exasperating and it leaves you feeling neglected and unappreciated. If you’re like most women in this position you’ve probably spoken to your husband about what you’re feeling but it’s been to no avail. He hasn’t changed at all and you’re feeling worse and worse. If your spouse just won’t listen to you, you obviously need to change something. Continuing down the path you’re on now isn’t going to get you the balanced marriage or the respect that you desire.

If you want to get your husband to listen to you, you must approach him in the same way he’s approaching you. In other words you have to treat him like a man. Men talk to one another in a very distinct way. They don’t beat around the bush or try and subtly suggest things. They just say it like it is. This is exactly what you have to do now if you want to get your husband’s attention when you’re talking and if you truly want him to absorb what you’re saying.

Consider how you’ve been talking to your husband now. What most of us are guilty of is we unwittingly nag our husband if we feel he’s not taking us seriously. If he doesn’t react the way we want him to, we keep hammering the point over and over. Doing this just ensures that he’ll tune you out. Why would he want to listen to you belabouring the same point over and over again?

If you now approach him like a man would, you’ll have his full attention immediately. Simply walk up to him and tell him that there’s something you need to say. Don’t add your emotions to the mix at all. Instead, stay calm and in control of what you’re feeling. Directly tell him what you need from him and say it in a way in which he’ll understand. Don’t start by telling him how disappointed you are in him or that you feel he’s ignoring you. Just get to the point and make certain that he hears the expectation in your voice. Once you’ve said what you need to say, drop the subject.

As you start approaching your husband in this way, your marriage will change. He’ll begin to hear you and absorb what you’re saying. He won’t feel as though he has to wade through a bunch of emotions. Instead he’ll appreciate that you’re being so succinct and understandable.  It will help you get what you need from him and at the same time you’ll feel appreciated and heard.

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