He Won’t Call You Back

He won’t call you back. You’ve been dating a guy for a time and you thought he was the epitome of perfection. He sure seemed like it. He was charming, fun and oh so attentive. Something has shifted recently though and he now ignores when you do call and takes longer to call you back. You’re frustrated and you feel taken for granted. You’re definitely justified in feeling those things. He’s not respecting you and if you continue to allow him to treat you this way, the relationship is going to fall apart in no time at all.

If he won’t call you back what is it that you’re typically doing? If you’re like most women, you’re panicking and calling him, likely repeatedly until he does return your call. You’re not aware of it but that’s making you look foolish and desperate. When a woman throws herself at a man and chases him down trying to get his attention, she lessens her own self worth. She’s essentially saying to the man that he’s more important than her and she’s nothing without him. Is that really the message you want to be sending about yourself to the man you adore?

You can change the dynamic of your relationship with this man and get the respect you want and deserve and also the courtesy of a return call. You do have to be committed to following a few steps and you need the willpower to resist the temptation to give in to your desire to talk to him. Unless you follow a specific path towards changing the way things are now, they will continually stay the same.

The most important thing you have to think about right now is you and his mistreatment of you. Even if he has an endless list of seemingly logical excuses for ignoring you, it’s not right. What he’s doing to you is wrong and when you’re being treated in a way that isn’t acceptable you have to remove yourself from the situation. If he doesn’t call you back, stop calling him. It’s no more complicated than that.

Right now your guy knows that regardless of how many times he ignores your calls or voice mail messages, that you’re going to eventually cave in and call. It’s almost a game to him. He may even wait to see how long it takes this time as compared to last. You’re making yourself look foolish and playing into his twisted dating game.

That’s why it’s so vital that you just stop calling. Once you do that you’re sending a very loud and clear message to him that says that you’re done with being used by him. It may take him a few days to give in and call you, but he will. Once he does, don’t bring up the fact that he was ignoring you, just stay strong and focused on the task at hand. Before you know it, he’ll be calling you more and more often.

Confused about when you should be calling your man? Calling too often, at the wrong time or before he’s ready to hear from you can turn him off.

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