He Wants to Date Other Women!

He wants to date other women. The moment the words left his lips, you felt your heart shatter. How in the world could this have happened to the two of you? You believed that he was as devoted to you as you were to him. Now you find out that he’s been thinking about other women and now wants to pursue that. How can you possibly react to this? You want to shake him and tell him that he’s losing the best thing he ever had. Or maybe you just feel the urge to go out and find a really hot guy to flaunt in your boyfriend’s face. If you want a chance at a future with your guy you have to handle yourself a very specific way during this. If you do the right things, he’s never going to think about another woman again.

When a man says he wants to date other women he’s essentially saying that he’s grown bored of you or the emotional connection he did feel has disappeared. He’s not happy and he wants to play the field. Ignoring this by launching into a fit of tears and proclamations of your undying love won’t help. You have to acknowledge the fact that for the moment you’re not what he wants in a partner. It’s painful and it’s confusing but it’s a fact of life. The sooner you can come to terms with that, the quicker you’ll be able to change his mind and pull him back to you.

You absolutely must think like a man if your boyfriend tells you he wants a break so he can date other women. He’s expecting you to tell him that you won’t date other men. If you do that you’re handing control of your future to him on a shiny silver platter. He wants to know that you’ll stay just as devoted to him as you are now. You can’t allow that to happen.

You must do a few things when he does suggest a break. Go home and cry your eyes out. Scream if you need to. Once you process the fact that you feel rejected and hurt, you can then tackle this just like a man would. Call him up and in your best happy and cheerful voice thank him. He’ll ask immediately what you’re thanking him for. Tell him that you’ve been struggling with finding a way to ask him for a break for weeks. Then go on to say that you’re also looking forward to exploring new connections. Don’t mention any names of available men you know. Instead, just make it clear that you’re enjoying the prospect of being a single woman. Then end the call by wishing him the best.

He may not respond that day or even that week, but your words will eat a hole in his heart and mind. He’ll imagine you out having fun with other men and he’ll realize that just as he wanted to date other women, you wanted the same thing because you weren’t happy with him. Men don’t like competition at all and that’s the thing that will pull him back to you. The threat of another man stealing you away will make him come running back begging you to reconsider the break.

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