He Seems Less Interested in Me!

He seems less interested in me and I’m scared he’s going to dump me!” When a woman says this it’s always coming from a place of confusion and fear. Feeling that the man you love is losing interest is terrifying. It obviously means that he doesn’t feel as connected to you as he once did. The realization of this can send any woman into an overwhelming sense of panic. You don’t know what to do to save the relationship before it’s too late so you either do nothing or you overreact. You really have to handle this in a very specific way in order for you to pull him back to you without pushing him farther away. Instead of seeing this as the beginning of the end of your relationship, view it as a way for you to change things so he’ll love you more than ever.

If he seems less interested in you, it’s up to you to determine where things went off track. In many cases the man starts to disconnect himself from the relationship because he’s just bored. Men need excitement and that’s the main reason they chase after a woman they’ve just met who they find attractive. Learning new things about you will ensure that his interest is peaked again. That’s why you need to take it upon yourself to be more spontaneous and interesting. You can easily do that by focusing more of your energy on yourself and less on your guy. Take a class that you’ve always wanted to take or take up a hobby that has always interested you. The more dynamic and multi-faceted you are, the more he’ll want you again.

Men also start to lose interest if they feel they already have a woman firmly in their grasp. It’s hard not to share your innermost thoughts with a man once you fall in love with him. We’ve all done it. We think nothing of telling him that we love him more than we’ve ever loved anyone else. It’s also common for a woman to tell a man she adores that she’ll wait forever to marry him. If you’ve done these things, you may have contributed to his losing interest in you. He wants to still have that thrill of the chase he did in the early days of your relationship. Stop pouring your heart out to him and instead keep him guessing about what you feel. He’ll work harder to get your affection and attention back if you do this. It’s an easy and effective way to reignite his interest in you.

It’s impossible not to make mistakes in your relationship with your guy. Doing things like telling him you love him too often or too soon, pushing him for a commitment or sharing too much of yourself can make him lose interest quickly. However, once you know how to grab his attention again, he’ll be back closer to you than ever.

If you’ve done anything that has caused your man to pull back, there is a way for you to get his interest back now.

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