He Dumped Me! I Want Him Back

He dumped me. I want him back!” You’re guilty of saying this aren’t you? Your boyfriend did the unthinkable. He dumped you. You’re the woman who loves him more than anyone else ever could and he unceremoniously kicked you to the curb. You felt devastated when it happened. You could barely think straight and you truly felt as though your heart was breaking into a million small pieces within your chest. Some time has now passed but nothing has really changed for you. You wake up each morning thinking only of him and you go to bed each night aware of the fact that he’s out there somewhere but he’s no longer yours. Should you just follow your friends’ advice and give up and move on? Or do you need to follow your heart? Getting a man back after he dumped you is challenging but it’s definitely possible.

The fact that he dumped you is something you can’t ignore as you set out on your quest to get him back. Something wasn’t working for him within the relationship and unless that is addressed you can expect him to not be open to the idea of the two of you getting back together again. He’ll see no reason to because he’ll expect that things will end up in disaster again. He’s right. You have to start by making some positive changes in the partner you are. Think about what he didn’t like about being with you and then adjust those things. Before you approach him you want to ensure that you’re a better woman than the one he dumped.

You also must show him that you’re okay without him even though right now it doesn’t feel that way at all. Men just aren’t drawn to women who act desperate and lost. If he feels that you can’t be happy without him, he’ll instantly feel pressure and that’s no way to begin a renewed life together. You have to give him the impression that although you would love to have him back, you’ll be fine without him as well. This shows that you have more belief in yourself than you do in him and that’s a very appealing quality in a woman.

Throughout the process of getting him to want you back stay positive and focused on the end goal. Allowing yourself to fall back into a deep depression won’t help you. A positive attitude draws good things towards you so keep a smile on your face. Once your ex boyfriend sees that you’re doing okay and even enjoying your life, he’ll want to share in that again. It will remind him of all the happier times you two shared together in the past and he’ll want that again.

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