He’s Not Sure if He Loves Me

He’s not sure if he loves me!” Ouch. Saying that hurts. Knowing that the man you are absolutely wild about isn’t sure he cares for you is painful. Nothing can prepare you for that at all. Maybe he told you that he was never sure he truly loved you or perhaps he’s just now feeling emotionally disconnected from you. Either way it’s a blow to your heart and your ego. You have no idea how to act around him or what to say when he calls. You want to shake some sense into him by reminding him what a treasure you are. You can’t though. All you can do is sit and feel numb. Are you two destined to break up now or is there still a chance that you can save this relationship? If you want him to love you, it’s up to you to make it happen. There’s no time like the present to start improving your relationship and making him feel closer to you.

Sometimes a man will reach a point in his relationship where his feelings become cloudy. It typically happens after the couple has been together for awhile and they’ve settled into a predictable routine. As women we love this routine because it speaks of familiarity and commitment. To many men it screams of boredom for them. They don’t see it as a positive thing at all and they absorb it as something very negative. They start to feel distance and inevitably they sense that their feelings have shifted. That’s when a man might declare that he’s just not sure he’s in love.

That’s why it’s imperative that the woman mix things up a bit. You have to keep the relationship thriving and you can do that if you bring a new sense of adventure to it. Plan on doing things that he’s not going to expect. Don’t settle for sitting on the couch with him night after night watching television. Instead, get dressed up and take him out for dinner or plan a weekend getaway where you two can go hiking and rafting. You want to show him that you can be completely spontaneous and unpredictable.

Pushing yourself on him too much isn’t a good thing though. If you try new things and he still seems uneasy or unhappy it may be time to cut ties for a bit. Make yourself less accessible to him and start doing more on your own. It’s common in a relationship for one partner to begin to take the other for granted. It happens sometimes and that may be exactly what your guy is doing to you. If you take yourself out of his life and let him feel the void that creates, that may just be enough to jolt him back into seeing how much he really does care about and want you.

You don’t have to live in a relationship in which you continually feel ignored and neglected. You have the power to have the love you want with your man.

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