He’s Become Distant

He’s become distant. Your intuition is screaming at you that something has drastically changed between you and your man. You’ve asked him if anything is bothering him or if there’s anything he’d like to talk about and he just shuts down. You have no idea what to do at this point. You can feel the emotional and physical distance between the two of you, yet he acts as though everything is just fine. You’re concerned that this is the first step towards the end of the relationship and that’s the last thing you want. You do need to address this now or you will risk losing him forever.

If he’s become distant you have to determine why that is. There are many reasons why a man pulls back from the woman he’s involved with. It can be anything from feeling emotionally neglected by her to just plain boredom. Consider when you first started to notice a change in him. You may be able to pinpoint an event that happened or perhaps you two have just drifted apart the last few months because you haven’t been putting the time into your relationship that you should. Once you know what may be at the foundation of his shift in feelings you can then address it.

Pushing him to talk about the change in his attitude won’t be helpful. Most men don’t enjoy discussions centered around emotions. They’d rather work through what they’re feeling on their own than speak to their partner about it. That’s why you need to leave that idea alone for now. Once he’s ready to open up about what has caused him to pull back he’ll tell you.

In the meantime you’re going to transform yourself into a very understanding and compassionate girlfriend, if you’re not already. You need to recognize that he’s not happy in the relationship at the moment. Giving him the space he needs is truly the best thing you can do for both of you. If he doesn’t call you as often or he isn’t interested in hanging out as much as he used to, don’t get upset by that. Just see it as his way of dealing with what he’s feeling.

Be as supportive as you can be and ensure he knows that you adore him and that you’re always available to talk. By being strong and mature throughout this, you’re showing him that you can handle difficult things and still be there for him. If you show him this side of you instead of the upset woman who is falling apart, he’ll come back to you for comfort. Sometimes, all a man needs when he is feeling distant is a little while to himself with the knowledge that his partner is waiting patiently for him.

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