You Want Him to Feel Closer

You are so in love with your man. You think about him constantly and you’re already imagining what a future with him would be like. You worry that something will go wrong though and it always leaves you feeling a bit panicked inside. You want him to feel closer to you so the bond between the two of you is stronger and unbreakable. It’s possible to make that happen and it’s actually not very difficult at all. If he’s already fond of you, you can draw him in so he feels incredibly connected to you on every level.

If you want him to feel closer to you it’s vitally important that you always celebrate the person he is. One mistake that many women unwittingly make in their relationship is they make a small criticism of their man because there’s something about him that they wish was different. It can seem incredibly insignificant to you but to him it can actually be a deal breaker. No one takes criticism well from the person they care for. That’s why you’ll find that he’ll feel that much closer to you if you always accept him just as he is. Tell him how much you enjoy the small things he does for you. Also, it’s advisable to compliment him on what a great partner he is at every opportunity. The one thing every man wants is a woman to love who sees him as ideal. Make him feel that.

Being honest with him, without exception, is another way to get him to feel closer to you emotionally. A man doesn’t ever want to wonder about how genuine the woman he is with is being. Don’t be tempted into embellishing anything about yourself or telling him half truths in an effort to impress him. This isn’t going to work. He’ll see right through it and he’ll feel an instant sense of distance. It’s much easier and more effective to always be yourself and to accept yourself exactly as you are. It will make him want to be with you more and more because he’ll find your frank honesty refreshing and endearing.

No man wants to spend his life listening to a drama queen drone on and on about her troubles. We all face challenges in life and how you handle them can determine how successful your primary relationship will be. He wants to be with someone who is strong and capable of handling her own difficulties. Keep your drama to yourself and instead present your man with a woman who embraces life to its fullest potential. If he sees you getting over the hurdles that life presents with dignity and character, he’ll want nothing more than to be with you. He’ll respect and admire you and that’s always a plus when you’re trying to win a man’s heart forever.

Every woman has the power to make her man fall in love with her. You can have a deep, undying emotional connection with him.

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