You’re Obsessed with Your Ex Boyfriend

You’re obsessed with your ex boyfriend. He’s the first thing that jumps into your mind when you wake up in the morning and he’s the one person who consumes your thoughts all day long. It’s hard because even though you two had a tumultuous relationship and the break up was heart wrenching, you still love him. You may have even tried to get over him but it hasn’t worked, has it? You may feel that you’re stuck in an impossible situation that you’ll never find a way out of but that’s simply not the case. Relationships can be put back together. In fact, you can rebuild the relationship you had with your ex boyfriend so it’s better than ever.

Being obsessed with your ex boyfriend is not going to help you get him back. If you can’t see past what you’ve lost, you’ll never be able to get him back. You have to let him go for now. Right now your mind is so clouded with thoughts of him that you’re likely making mistakes that are actually causing him to pull back from you even more. One example is the woman who wants her man back so badly that she constantly tries to get him to talk to her. Hounding a man in this way is the kiss of death for any attraction that may have still been lingering inside of him.

The fact of the matter is that your ex boyfriend is just a man. He’s a man that you love, but he’s still just a human being who has both redeeming qualities and faults. Something wasn’t working and you’ve probably been overlooking that fact. Unless you focus some of your emotional energy on determining what went wrong, you won’t be able to fix it. Look at the relationship as a whole and be honest with yourself. Once you’ve identified what tore you two apart, you can then formulate a plan to get him back.

Any approach you take in order to get the man to love you again has to start with an apology. He’s not going to magically forget that you two were in so much emotional turmoil that you broke up.  Let him know that you regret whatever it was that you did that contributed to the problems you two were having. That level of maturity is always appreciated by a man.

Next, you’re going to show your ex that you can be a positive force in his life. That’s going to take some effort but if the end result is a future with him, you’ll be happy to do whatever it takes. By working on becoming a good friend to him, you’ll be showing him that he matters more than the romance. Consider that many long term, love filled, satisfying relationships are born out of a strong and committed friendship. That’s the route you’re going to take now to win him back for good.

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