Will He Ever Want Me Again

Will he ever want me again? That’s the one question you can’t seem to shake from your mind. You can’t get over your ex boyfriend. You’ve tried but you’ve now come to the realization that getting over him isn’t what you want after all. You want the man back. You’re not quite sure yet how to go about making that happen but you know that you’ll find a way to pull him back into your life so you can win his heart again. You’re a woman with a goal and now you just need a plan to make it happen. You can do it. All that is really required is the right insight, patience and approach.

When you’re asking the question of will he ever want me again you have to consider the fact that at one time, in the not too distant past, he wanted you like crazy. He loved you and adored you and likely would have moved heaven and earth to put a smile on your face. Don’t lose sight of that right now. You’re actually going to use that insight to help you pull him back this time. You have a secret weapon in your quest to get him back. You know exactly what appeals to him and what he finds utterly irresistible in a woman.

Your first step towards getting him to want you again is to put the past to rest. Getting over a bad break up can’t be done overnight. It does take time and effort and you really need to put it behind you before you venture out on the course to get him to love you again. You have to take the lead on this and it’s going to involve an apology. One of you needs to be mature enough to make that move and if your ex hasn’t reached an emotional place yet where he wants you back, the job is in your hands. Be calm and sincere and just let him know that you’re genuinely sorry for the way things unfolded. It may seem insignificant at the time you do it, but the resulting impact will be far reaching.

A very helpful and productive piece of advice to follow when you’re trying to win back a lost love is to work on yourself for a bit. Nothing is quite as satisfying as getting yourself into the best shape possible, buying a new outfit, doing your hair and make up to a tee and then running into your ex. Seeing his reaction and watching his mouth fall open will give you more satisfaction than you thought possible. It will also stir up some lingering feelings in him and will bring back a flood of great memories. That longing feeling will definitely go a long way towards getting him to want you all over again.

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