Why Letting a Man Go May Be the Key to Getting Him Back

When the man you’re in love with comes to you and tells you that he’s unhappy and wants out, you may feel inclined to hold onto him and refuse to let him go. That’s just your natural instinct to protect the things you love kicking in. If you gave in to what he wanted, he’d walk out that door and out of your life for good, wouldn’t he? It’s hard to say at this point but one certainty is clear. If you don’t allow him to go, you’ll definitely be risking your future with him. The man you adore isn’t happy so the only thing you can do is to abide by his wishes. Letting a man go is often the first step towards getting him to come back to you.

The main reason why letting a man go is essential to recapturing his interest is you are allowing him to have what he feels he needs. One big problem that faces many relationships is that each partner feels their needs aren’t being met. They begin to resent the other person to the point that the bond between them becomes so broken that it’s doomed. The same is true as the relationship is failing and he tells you he wants out. If you give him that you are clearly showing him that you respect his needs and want to put them before your own.

It’s important to be clear with him about how you feel though. You need to explain that you do love him and that you do wish he had made another choice. Do your best to not sound upset or panicked while you two have this conversation. Your goal is to be succinct and direct with him. If he leaves the relationship with an understanding that you love him but are willing to let him go, it will be something that he considers as he begins a life without you.

There is almost always a period of time shortly after a break up when both partners wish things had turned out differently. If you have let your man go he will start thinking about how courageous and selfless that was in addition to considering how much fun you two had while you were together. All the negative thoughts surrounding the actual break up will be replaced with thoughts of how much better his life was with you.

Your own composure and how you carry yourself through this troubling time will help you to either push him away for good, or set the stage for him to come back to you. Be mature, understanding and confident in yourself. These three things will help you tremendously and will pull him back.

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