When Your Man Ignores You

When your man ignores you it won’t take long for you to get irritated. How could you not get upset when you feel that the man you adore has stopped paying attention to you? Trying to talk to him may make you even more exasperated. Firstly, you’ll likely have trouble getting him to open up if he’s already intent on ignoring you. Then you’ll get even more frustrated when he tells you that you’re imagining it all. So what should you be doing? If you’re being ignored within your relationship, that’s not right. You need to do something now to change this before things get even more out of hand.

The first thing you have to realize when your man ignores you is that you’re allowing it to happen. We all put up with some type of behavior in our relationship that we know isn’t right. We typically do this because we believe that it’s okay to overlook small things if we feel that our man really does love us. The fact of the matter is that any behavior on his part that makes you feel belittled or demeaned isn’t right. That includes things like dishonesty, verbal abuse and ignoring you. If he’s doing it and you’re not taking active steps to stop it, you’re agreeing that it’s okay.

If he ignores you for periods of time on a regular basis, you have to address that immediately. The best way to handle it is to remove yourself emotionally from the situation. You can’t play into his game any longer and that means you need to stop chasing after him trying to get him to throw you a small bit of attention. You deserve much more than that from any man you are in a relationship with and you’re going to get it.

Stop trying to contact him right now. From this moment forward you are not going to call him again or drive over to his place in an attempt to get him to talk to you. The man knows your number and he knows where to find you so you don’t have to hunt him down anymore.

The moment you go silent, he’s going to suddenly want to talk with you. It’s human nature to want the things that are just out of our reach. It won’t take your guy long to notice that you’ve given up trying to find him so he’ll come looking for you.

If you deal with him in just the right way at this point, he won’t ignore you again. What you have to do is refrain from talking about why he ignored you and instead talk to him as though he’s just a friend. Keep that first call very brief and say you’re on your way out and you hope to talk soon. This will show him that you’re not focused solely on your relationship with him and that other things take precedence over him. It will almost instantly transform his interest in you and ignoring you won’t be something he’ll do again.

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