When a Pisces Man Needs a Break! Steps to Take to Keep Him

When a Pisces man needs a break it’s really hard not to panic. How could you not feel overwhelmed and completely worried when the man you adore says he wants time away from you? Regardless of how he spins it, it’s the same thing. He’s not happy and in fact, he feels a desire to actually physically distance himself from you. If you’re not upset inside, it’s clear that you aren’t as in love with him as you think you are. You can’t let him get away. That’s obvious if you’ve been planning your future with him in your mind. You do need to handle this delicate situation in a very specific way though. You have to follow proven advice if you want him to forget the idea of a break and pull himself closer to you again.

Unlike many of the other star signs, Pisces men can go from feeling emotionally attached to a woman to miles apart in just mere moments. It has more to do with his personality than it has to do with you. The important thing to remember is that just as quickly as he can lose interest, his interest can be recaptured by you.

The first thing you have to realize when a Pisces man wants a break is fighting him on it, isn’t going to work. If you try and argue your case for why he should want to spend more time with you, rather than less time, he’ll become irritated quickly. Instead, you’re going to pull on all that knowledge you already have about him and use that to draw him back again.

Boredom is the number one reason why Pisces men want a break from their woman. These men long to be with someone who is spontaneous and unpredictable. If the two of you have settled into a routine and he already knows what he can expect today, tomorrow and next week, he’ll start to feel emotionally distant from you. You’re not exciting to him anymore and even if he still loves you, his need for adventure will take over and he’ll start looking for greener pastures.

Don’t pursue him endlessly if he’s told you that he needs some time. He is genuinely asking you for some space and unless you give that to him, you’ll be disrespecting his needs. Ensure that he knows that you love him and then leave him be. Don’t call him or try to contact him while he’s taking his break. Instead, show him, from a distance, just how spontaneous and unpredictable you are. Go out and take a new class or sign up for a marathon. Do something that he wouldn’t ever expect you to. If you do this, you’ll be silently drawing him back in by making him feel utterly attracted to you again.

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