What Will Make Your Boyfriend Stay Forever?

What will make your boyfriend stay forever? You really want to know the answer to that question, don’t you? You’ve finally met a man that you feel is the one for you and you’re so scared that something will go wrong and he’ll leave you. It happens. Many women fall hopelessly in love with a man who one day just announces that he doesn’t feel as close as he once did or he fell out of love. Obviously, you don’t want that to happen in your relationship. It doesn’t have to. You can take measures now that will ensure that he feels so connected to you that he won’t ever consider leaving you.

If you want to make your boyfriend feel a strong bond with you it has to start from within you. Losing weight or buying a new outfit or getting a new job will not make him love you more. They may impress him momentarily, but in the big scheme of things they aren’t going to help you get him to love you more. It’s all about your attitude about yourself that helps a woman attract and keep a man. If you show him that you know you’re a one in a million catch, he’ll see you that way as well. That means you have to exude as much self confidence as you can without being egotistical. Make sure that he knows that you value yourself more than anything and he will value you just as much.

Making a man feel better about himself is another way to make him want to be with you forever. Sometimes every man needs a small boost to his ego. It’s so easy to fall into the destructive pattern of criticizing your man once you two have been together for a time. He wants to know that you love him just as he is. Acceptance is one of the keys to getting a man to want to be with you always. Surprise him by calling him up during the day and telling him that you can’t wait to see him. Or cook his favorite dinner when he least expects it. Any small gesture like this is going to pay off big time for you when it comes to getting him to love you more.

Being spontaneous is always helpful when you’re trying to keep a relationship moving in a forward direction. Men don’t enjoy when things fall into a predictable pattern. If a man doesn’t know what’s around the next corner, he’s going to find that challenging and thrilling. You can keep a man’s interest peaked by keeping him on his toes. If he never knows what to expect from you, he’ll never want to leave.

Every woman has the power to make her man fall in love with her. You can have a deep, undying emotional connection with him.

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