What Are the Signs He Doesn’t Love Me Anymore? Insight into What He Feels

“What are the signs he doesn’t love me anymore?” That’s such a hard question to ask, isn’t it? Being in love is a feeling unlike any other. It’s almost magical. You feel there’s nothing you can’t accomplish and you are certain that your future will be filled with the love of the man you adore forever. When you begin to notice subtle changes in him it can be alarming. Maybe at first, you convince yourself that he’s acting a certain way because he’s dealing with extra stress at work or because of a conflict with a friend. Over time, it may become more and more apparent that his feelings are changing. Ignoring the issue will only make things worse. Once you recognize that he is indeed losing interest in you , action has to be taken if you want to keep the relationship together.

Here are 3 signs he doesn’t love you anymore:

He stops saying it. Once a man shifts from saying, “I love you” to “me too,” that’s a problem. If a man is in love with a woman he’ll want to tell her, often. He’ll have no problem saying it first and frequently. If you’re unsure whether he’s been the one saying it more, stop telling him you love him for a few days. If he doesn’t tell you that he adores or loves you, there’s definitely a problem.

He stops calling. Are you calling him more often than you used to? Maybe you haven’t noticed that he stopped calling you. When a man falls out of love, communication falls apart too. If he’s not calling just to hear your voice anymore or to see how your day is going, he’s not feeling as connected to you as he once did.

He stops complimenting you. There’s a very subtle shift in a man’s behavior when he moves from loving you to falling out of love. The compliments stop and the criticisms begin. If he always had something great to say when he saw you and now he just complains about the way your hair looks or he asks if you’ve put on a bit of weight, that’s a problem. Once a man starts saying things that are intentionally hurtful to the woman he’s involved with, that’s an indicator that he’s not feeling close to her anymore.

If you do indeed feel that he’s falling out of love you have to act quickly to save the relationship. Don’t ignore the signs that something has changed for him. If you do, a painful break up could be just around the corner.

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