Things to Say to Get Him Back

You feel like a bundle of nerves each and every time you’re around your ex boyfriend. It’s hard because even though the break up happened a while ago, you just can’t move on. You love him and thinking about a future without him as your soul mate is very painful. The biggest problem you face is not knowing what to do to get him to want you again. You’ve likely tried following the advice of friends and family but they don’t really understand the psychology of how break ups work. Fortunately, there is some solid advice that you can follow that will help you draw him back in. Knowing what things to say to get him back will ensure you never make the mistake of saying the wrong thing to the man you love.

One of the things to say to get him back always surprises women. To us the things we think we should be saying include telling him how much we love him and begging him to give us another chance. In our hearts these feel and seem like the right things to do. They’re not. What you should be saying to a man after he dumps you is that you were considering the same thing. It’s hard to form the words when you wish with everything that you two were still together. But if you want to appeal to him at a very basic level and make him yearn to be with you again, you have to, in essence, break up with him as well.

By telling a man that you are okay with a break up, you’re levelling the playing field between the two of you. He no longer has complete and total control over the relationship. You’ve rejected him in much the same way as he’s rejected you and that will wear at him just as it’s wearing at you.

Another thing to say to get him back is to wish him well. This goes hand-in-hand with the idea of removing yourself from his life for a few weeks. If you’re always there, at the ready, waiting for him to take you back, he won’t. You’re not a challenge to him anymore and that loss of a challenge could be the very reason he ended the relationship in the first place. Disappear from his life for a few weeks but not before you tell him to take care in the sweetest voice possible. Be in control of your emotions and sound cheery when you make this call. You want him to feel as though you’re wishing him well because you’re taking off for good. The hint of a woman leaving forever is often enough to make a man reconsider where the relationship is at and what he really wants.

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