Signs Your Guy Isn’t That Into You Anymore

Wouldn’t everything be absolutely perfect if you could keep your guy as much in love with you forever as he was early in the relationship? Remember those days when he couldn’t get enough of you and everything you did was charming or endearing? Now, things have settled into a predictable pattern and you can tell that he’s not feeling the same way as he did back then. Obviously, if you’re crazy about the man it’s something you better be concerned about. But how do you tell for certain? What are the signs your guy isn’t that into you anymore? You may be surprised by what they are. However, once you know what you’re looking for, you’ll be able to take the necessary steps to change things between you two.

Here are 3 signs your guy isn’t that into you anymore:

There are things about you he doesn’t like. The first time your guy criticizes you, it’s a hard pill to swallow. None of us are perfect though so we learn how to accept his suggestions, because we want to believe they are coming from a place of sincerity and thoughtfulness. Once that changes, and he begins to say random, hurtful things to you, that’s a concern. A man in love isn’t going to say anything that will risk causing pain in the woman he loves. He just won’t do it.

He starts commenting about other women in front of you. When a man is wild about a woman he really does have eyes only for her. He won’t get caught up in looking at someone else because to him there isn’t anyone else in the room who can compare. If your guy has started talking openly about women he’s met or someone at his work who is hot, that’s not good at all. The same can be said if he brings up a female friend more often than he used to. Chances are good that he’s thinking about her in ways that friends typically don’t think about each other. He also may be comparing her to you in his mind.

He stops asking you about your life. A sudden disinterest in your life is a sure sign that something has changed for your guy. If he felt connected to you he would be interested in what is going on with you. If he stops asking how you are and what’s going on at work or with friends, consider the relationship to be on its last legs. He’s detaching himself from you so a break up is likely in your very near future.

Even if you recognize all of these as part of your relationship it doesn’t mean it’s over yet. Consider what you want in terms of your future and if that includes him, you’ll need to set out on a course to get him to feel close and connected to you again.

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