Should You Try and Make Him Jealous? Ex Boyfriend Advice You Must Read!

You’re starting to feel desperate when it comes to getting your ex back. It’s understandable why you would. You and he had a great relationship. You felt as though you connected with him on a very deep level. Then things began to unravel and before you knew it, you weren’t together anymore. You’ve looked to everyone you could think of to offer their advice on what will bring him back to you. Unfortunately, so far nothing has worked. Now you’re beginning to wonder if there may be a way to make it happen. The question you’re looking for an answer to is should you try and make him jealous? Ex boyfriend advice from experts varies on this but it’s an idea worth considering.

When you and your boyfriend were still together did jealousy rear its head in the relationship? If another man glanced your way, did your boyfriend notice and react? If he did, jealousy may be a tool that will aid you in your quest to get back together with him but you have to use it in a very specific way. If you flaunt another man in front of your ex boyfriend’s face, the entire plan is going to fall apart and you’ll have pushed your ex even further away from you.

A good approach to take if you do want to incorporate jealousy in your plan to get him back is to hint that you’re seeing someone without coming right out and saying it. Sounds very complicated, doesn’t it? It’s not at all once you understand how to do it.

There are going to be moments in your relationship with your ex when you can start to plants seeds of jealousy in his mind. If you two are talking on the phone, tell him that you have to go because you have other plans. If he presses you for what those plans are, say that you’re meeting a friend. Don’t reveal who the friend is and don’t make it sound like more than a casual meeting. He’ll immediately wonder if the friend is female or male and his jealous nature will press him into believing it’s a man. That one statement alone from you may be enough to get the wheels turning in his head. He’ll start to worry that you’ve met your future boyfriend and your ex will turn on the charm in an effort to steal you back.

Another way to make your ex a little jealous without telling him that you’re dating is to start hanging out more with groups of men and women. Arrange for a bunch of friends to go out to a club or a movie. Your boyfriend will likely hear about it from a mutual friend and his mind will start to wander to thoughts of whether or not you’re dating one of the men involved. The idea of losing you to another man forever may be just what it takes to get him running back to you.

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