Secret Signs He Loves You

What are the secret signs he loves you? You’ve been wondering about this because you’re just not sure exactly what your guy feels for you. One of the challenges in many relationships is trying to see inside a man’s heart. Most men are reluctant to reveal exactly what they feel because they want to be incredibly sure that the woman they’re with is the one. Waiting is difficult but there is a way to gain some insight right now. There are a few signs in a man’s behavior that will reveal what he’s really feeling. If you recognize these in your guy, rest assured that he’s on the brink of telling you that he’s just as much in love with you as you are with him.

Here are 3 secret signs he loves you:

He calls you often. Men aren’t always the best when it comes to the phone and calling. Most of us have been in at least one relationship in which the man we were with never called. A man in love craves the sound of the voice of the woman he adores. He’ll call her often, typically several times a day. If your guy is always calling and leaving you messages when you’re not available or he often says he just misses the sound of your voice, take that as a very positive sign of where his heart is at.

He talks more about you than himself. Men are naturally drawn to talk about themselves when they are testing the waters of a new relationship. They actually talk much more about themselves than they talk about you at this point. They do it subconsciously and it’s because they are trying to impress you. They don’t feel any attachment yet so they are reaching out to you. That shifts when a man starts to feel connected to a woman. He’ll suddenly want nothing more than to talk endlessly about her. Everything about you will be important to him. If you are feeling that now with your guy, he’s definitely falling in love with you.

He wants to be as physically close to you as he can be. If you and your guy are out and you can constantly feel his hand in yours or his hand rests on the small of your back, that’s actually very telling. When a man feels emotionally connected to a woman, he wants to touch her. The touch can be something as simple as brushing his arm against hers or pushing a piece of hair back behind her ear. It’s really about just wanting to be as close to her as he can be. If your guy acts this way with you, there’s no doubt that he has developed very strong feelings for you.

Obviously there are many more signs that indicate when a man is in love. If you see any of these three though, you can take comfort in knowing that his feelings definitely mirror yours.

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